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Pickle Pie Pottery

Pickle Pie Pottery

DeDe Richardson  |  Chapel Hill, NC

DeDe Richardson is ceramic artist living in Chapel Hill, NC. Her pottery is driven by texture and movement. She loves making pieces that are not only beautiful to look at, but are irresistible to touch. The texture designs in her pieces are created with a combination of hand carving, stamping, and clay slips. All of the clay stamps and rollers she uses are designed and hand carved by her. As she creates a piece, she is constantly thinking of movement and how your eye discovers the many details in the piece. She also enjoys creating texture through the use of colored slips. She applies these slips and then push the piece out from the inside forming a crackle surface on the outside. The result is just stunning. DeDe is am member of the Orange County Artist Guild and also teaches pottery classes at Chapel Hill Parks and Rec.

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