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Gift Boxes: How it Works

Whoa! Deco is doing gift boxes and we've got your back!  Our goals are:

> Make your shopping easy, whether it's for one person, a small group or a large crowd.

> Offer options that we've curated for SPEEDY ordering AND/OR allow you to curate your own boxes.


Individual Boxes

> Ready-made boxes can be purchased online or in the store.

> Beautiful box is included. Shipping is extra.

> Curate your own collection... start with one of ours and modify it OR start from scratch.  We can help or get out of your way!!  Spend $75 or more and the box is on us.  Shipping is extra.


Group / Corporate / Wedding Orders

> We can create custom collections to address just about any need.... local goods, themes, etc.

> We discount or throw in freebies based on your needs and the size of the order.

> Our biggest order so far has been 150 boxes, so bring it on!  

> The more notice, the better.  With a month's notice or more, we can pretty much do whatever you like, so think ahead, especially at the holidays.



We will happily discuss your group orders for these holidays.  

Orders placed before Thanksgiving and negotiated with us CAN be delivered (even shipped) before December 15.