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Gift Boxes: How it Works

We've got gift boxes!

We're here to make your gift-giving as simple and speedy as possible. Just buy the box and fill it with your DECO favorites! We'll package it and ship it off for you. We can do this by phone, facetime or in person, and staff are very happy to help you curate a collection for any price point and any recipient.


Individual Boxes

> DECO gift boxes make gifting easy, and the options for contents are endless - for hosts, holidays, big life events and beyond.  Check out our website to see staff-curated collections that range from baby classics to local gourmet collections, and use that inspiration to customize your own box! 

We work with customers to create the perfect collection of items, based on a price point and theme.  Want to spend $50 on someone who loves purple? Or $150 on a vegan who’s into crazy accessories? Or how about a game night bundle for family friends?  Deco has perfected the curation, presentation and delivery of gift boxes for personal and business needs.

> Boxes come in two sizes and are $8.00, free if you spend more than $100. Shipping is separate.

Group / Corporate / Wedding Orders

> Work with us to create custom collections to cater to your specific needs.

> The more notice, the better.  With a month's notice or more, we can pretty much do whatever you like, so think ahead, especially at the holidays.

> Already have an item on-hand that you'd like to include in the boxes? No problem! We're happy to package boxes with a combination of DECO products and personal items.



We will happily discuss your group orders for these holidays.  

Orders placed before Thanksgiving and negotiated with us CAN be delivered (even shipped) before December 15.  

Orders of 10 or more boxes will get a 10% discount on the entire order if made prior to November 1.