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Fun Mom Band

Fun Mom Band

Naomi Kraut  |  Durham, NC

Naomi Kraut founded Fun Mom Band to foster joy and solidarity amidst the challenges of pandemic parenting. What originated as a puppet musical about Zoom school mom rage blossomed into a denim fanny pack for moms, a tool belt to lighten the mother load, accompanied by a lady flask and pill box for whatever relief mom needs. Naomi received an NC IDEA Micro grant in the fall of 2021, which helped her to make her fanny pack dreams come true and to work with a wonderful manufacturer in Boone, NC, where Mom’s Fanny is produced. She also received a Durham Arts Council Artist Support grant in February, 2022, which provided support for her second puppet musical, “Advanced Maternal Rage.” You can catch her puppet musicals on the Fun Mom Band YouTube channel.

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