raleigh [   ] space is Raleigh’s first collaborative parklet, located on Salisbury Street at the corner of Hargett, alongside Deco Raleigh and in front of Quercus. Designed as a community effort among Deco Raleigh, faculty and students from the NCSU College of Design, and local businesses, raleigh [   ] space is an installation that extends the sidewalk and creates a fabulous space for public use. Parklets have been widely embraced by cool cities all over the world, and raleigh [   ] space  shows off the creativity, collaborative nature and innovative spirit of Raleigh.

Mission Statement

We see this as a community effort and hope that raleigh [   ] space will help usher in many more extraordinary parklets in Raleigh. Our mission statement:
•    embody and promote excellent design,
•    showcase collaboration, ingenuity and creativity,
•    offer functional space for pedestrians and cyclists,
•    enhance and integrate with its environment,
•    create a dynamic and noteworthy new destination in downtown Raleigh, and
•    encourage and support the development of additional parklets in Raleigh.

Our Vision

Our logo reflects our vision. This parklet is a space with endless possibilities. It used to be two parking spaces, and now it is more-- a space to be enjoyed by pedestrians, bike riders and motorists. We envision a space that will house an ever-changing array of design installations. At the same time, we envision functional components that are in high demand on this corner: a place to park/lock bicycles and strollers, a dog-watering station, and possibly amenities for alternative vehicles. Insofar as it is possible, the parklet will be self-sustaining (reclaimed water, solar power).

As Raleigh’s first-ever parklet, this project should be truly innovative, creative and precedent-setting. Our goal is for this to become a landmark in downtown Raleigh that people want to visit over and over again. Programming for the parklet is akin to programming for a traditional gallery: we intend to have installations and to support the designers with small honoraria. However, unlike an art gallery, the parklet may host landscape, industrial, graphic or urban design projects alongside fine art installations.
We see this space becoming a crucial part of a high-profile downtown block that is in the midst of a renaissance with incredible businesses including Deco Raleigh, Quercus, lucettegrace, Death & Taxes, High Cotton, Nora & Nicky's, Capital Club 16, Garland, King's, Neptunes -- all sharing storefront space on Salisbury/Hargett/Martin streets.

Whose Parklet is This?

This space will be open for public use, much like a public park. However, parklets are required to have owners/responsible parties, and that role will be filled by Deco Raleigh, supported by the leadership team.

Deco Raleigh will manage the space, including maintenance and programming. raleigh [   ] space has its own social media sites, also managed by Deco Raleigh.
It is not unusual for parklets to be designed very specifically as extensions of the sponsoring businesses. We have been very purposeful in designing a space that focuses on community and not on promoting a single business—from how we named the space to how we manage the use of the space.

Raleigh’s first collaborative parklet

Many contributors have shaped raleigh [   ] space. Without these partners and their vocal support and financial backing in the early stages of the parklet, raleigh [   ] space would not have taken shape.  The earliest support came from our community supporters