All donation requests for 2019 must be submitted before October 31. Our donation requests will be closed from October 31 - January 31 to prepare for and recover from the holiday season.

Deco Raleigh is proud to support many community fundraisers and silent auctions. Because of the volume of requests we receive, the following is required.

1. Please submit requests using the form on this page.

2. Organization must be a 501c3. Tax ID number will be required.

3. Organization must either (a) be located in downtown Raleigh (roughly a mile radius from the Capitol Building) or (b) serve downtown Raleigh. 

4. Because of the volume of requests from these organizations, we do not make donations to schools or churches. Sorry!

5. Again, because of the volume of requests, we will award one donation per organization in any 12 month period. So if you have gotten a donation from us more recently than that, please wait until 12 months have passed before asking again.

6. We rarely make cash donations. More often, we can provide merchandise to be used for silent auction purposes. Presentation of merchandise (basket, etc.) is the recipient's responsibility, please.

7. Requests must be made at least one month prior to the event date.

8. All donations are at the discretion of the owner of DECO Raleigh.

9. We love making donations. In fact, we have re-budgeted a portion of our advertising budget to support requests like yours! We love social media and will promote your fundraiser using information you provide below. We hope you will do the same for DECO!

The fields below are almost all required fields (*). The more time you give us before your fundraiser, the better!! We love that you came to us and will do our best to support you, but please know that we can't support everyone who asks, so it's not personal if we decline.

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We will be happy to promote your event via Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Please provide social media links here.