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DECO X Canes Info

The HUGE CANIACS at DECO are thrilled to be in a relationship with the Carolina Hurricanes to bring you unique products created by local makers and with the artwork of local artists.

These items are available EXCLUSIVELY AT DECO. We have an agreement with the Hurricanes and our selling guidelines adhere to that agreement.  The artwork may not be replicated, nor may the products.

The artists DO benefit from sale of these products, we have an agreement with each of them.  ADDITIONALLY, DECO will be donating 5% of the profit on each sale to The Carolina Hurricanes Foundation

The Program

We hope this will be a long-standing program and that we can continue to bring fresh, new products to supplement your well-loved Canes gear.

The products you will find here are JUST THE BEGINNING. We thank those who have shared ideas and artwork, and we will try to keep you posted as to what is coming down the pike.  

We already have some AWESOME products that will be ready in time for the Outdoor Game in February.

THIS DECEMBER 2022 LAUNCH features artwork from half a dozen artists and makers, just to get the ball rolling.


Ordering + Purchasing

All products will be available in-store, and you are welcome to purchase online and choose the "pick-up" option to be sure to get your chosen goodies!

Many of our makers are willing to MAKE-TO-ORDER if supplies are running low. If an item sells down, it will say so in the description AND will have information on how to PRE-ORDER and when you can expect delivery.  FOR NOW, WE ARE FOCUSED ON DELIVERY DATES BEFORE XMAS!

We will gladly ship just as we normally do. 


Inquiries + Gratitude from DECO

We are definitely NOT as slick as the NHL or Fanatics or The Eye! So thank you in advance for supporting us as we try to make these products as accessible and plentiful as fans demand.

If you are trying to get something that seems to be unavailable, if you have questions, or if you have ideas or suggestions, PLEASE reach out to us!   CONTACT INFO FOR DECO.