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Solid Roots

Solid Roots

Sheena Scruggs  |  Apex, NC

Solid Roots is a hair care company that focuses on products that help you achieve your best hair -- all in solid form! Their line of plastic packaging-free and plant-based solid shampoo and conditioner bars cater to a variety of hair types. Solid Roots’ products feed and nourish the hair and scalp with nutrient-rich ingredients. Each bar’s ingredients have been carefully curated and are concentrated with high-performance botanical extracts, omega-rich butters and oils, and safe and effective cleansers. Solid Roots has high standards. From being 100% vegan, sulfate-free, palm-oil and cruelty-free, they stand up for what they stand for. They also pledge to be an impact-driven business that contributes to repairing our Earth through programs that give back. One percent of total sales goes to programs that fight for our planet’s future.

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