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moloi cement jewelry

moloi cement jewelry

Sekayi Brunson  |  Raleigh, NC

moloi cement jewelry is handcrafted from a source of authentic divine creativity inviting you to intentionally: Be Bold. Be Unique. Make a Statement. While making cement candles Sekayi found herself led to stretch creatively and used a toilet paper tube as a mold to cast earrings! Working with material often associated with hardness and permanency in such a soft and gentle way made a powerful statement to her as she broke through traditional concepts and ideas for using cement. Seeing it with fresh and curious eyes made her realize what happens as she, herself, evolves through the nontraditional, free flowing creative process and allows a new shape, new form, a new way of being to emerge from a divinely inspired space. That is exactly what wearing these pieces of art invites you to do: break through traditional concepts and ideas and allow that divinely inspired space within you to emerge. 

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